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      DCSX has approved the listing of a maximum of 60 million shares of Lujie EV Group Limited (DCSX Symbol: LJ99) @ USD 0.305 with an initial market capitalization of USD 18.3 million.
      Nanyang Lujie Electric Vehicle Group Co., Ltd. is a British Virgin Islands company with actual business located in Nanyang City, Henan Province, China.
      The group's revenue and cash flow comes from the sale of its products to customers, namely electric motorcycles and lsev. It has its own factory production and sales channels in its main business places. The group's pre tax net income is derived after deducting the costs of manufacturing and selling products, sales and marketing expenses, and administrative and other expenses.
      The group has 120 full-time employees, including 10 engineering staff and 50 production staff. The number of employees is not affected by seasonal fluctuations. The directors are optimistic about the future of China's motorcycle and lsev industries, which are facing a very severe regulatory environment despite fierce competition.
      Nanyang Lujie's application to the exchange is listed in dcsx in the form of equity listing. Companies don't raise new capital because they go public. Nevertheless, the directors believe that listing on the Dutch Caribbean stock exchange is beneficial to the group and its shareholders, as the listing will allow shareholders to trade their shares through the stock exchange and expand the company's shareholder base.


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